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Route 66 and All Pontiac Cruise and Show

On September 2oth Marilyn and I visited the All Pontiac Cruise and Show in Pontiac, Illinois. It was a beautiful day and the incredible Pontiacs were out. Pontiac, Illinois seems to be the perfect place for a historic car show and an All Pontiac show seemed to fit perfectly. We took a few photos of the great cars and the historic buildings in Pontiac and walked around the Route 66 Museum in Pontiac. It was a fantastic day. Here’s some of the photos:

Front of the Route 66 Museum and Visitor's Center

Front of the Route 66 Museum and Visitor’s Center

The front of the Route 66 Museum was very nice, but most of the great happenings are in the back

Rear of the Route 66 Museum

Rear of the Route 66 Museum


The back of the Museum contains a large wall mural and a place to park your car so that you can take some great photos.  It was fixed up very nice.

Bob Waldmire Road Yacht behind the Route 66 Museum

Bob Waldmire Road Yacht behind the Route 66 Museum

The back of the Museum is also where Bob Waldmire’s Road Yacht is parked.  Bob donated the Road Yacht to the Illinois Route 66 Association when he passed away.

Bob Waldmire Road Yacht Marker

Bob Waldmire Road Yacht Marker

There is a nice plaque commemorating and explaining the Road Yacht exhibit

Back of the Bob Waldmire Road Yacht

Back of the Bob Waldmire Road Yacht

This is the back side of the Bob Waldmire Road Yacht

Wonderful Route 66 Mural and GTOs in Pontiac

Wonderful Route 66 Mural and GTOs in Pontiac

Beautiful Route 66 mural and some really nice restored Pontiac GTOs.

Lots of Cherried Out Pontiacs in Pontiac



The restored Pontiacs were parked all the way around the County Courthouse square.  There were lots of beautiful cars in Pontiac this weekend.

Route 66 in Litchfield, Illinois

I had a great trip to Springfield, Illinois yesterday morning.  On the way back home I drove down historic Route 66 through Litchfield, Illinois.  Here’s a few photos of Litchfield I took with my phone.

Route 66 Banners line the historic highway as you drive through town.  Litchfield has embraced the Route 66 theme and is very proud of the transportation legacy that started with Route 66 and now continues with Interstate 55.




Route 66 is alive in Litchfield


SkyView Drive-In

There is a nice historical marker for the Sky View Drive In.  The Sky View still looks to be in good shape.


Historic Route 66 changed locations over the years.  Route 66 stretches from the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois, to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California.  It was not built as one new road from end to end, but was a collection of existing roads that were brought together as one.  As a result, the highway roadbed changed a few times over the years.  In Illinois it mostly parallels Interstate 55.




Wolff Oil is across the street from the Sky View Drive In.  It has a nice Route 66 emblem and an antique gas pump on the side of the building commemorating the past.


The Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center is a brand new effort to celebrate the history of Route 66 and the local area.


Across the street from the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center is the Ariston Restaurant. This is one of the great examples of the Route 66 landscape. The owners have given the Ariston a lot of love and care over the years. It is beautiful.


The sky View Drive In sign says it all. It is late October and the travel season along historic Route 66 is about over. See you next year! This is a wonderful way to leave town.

The Legend of “The Piasa, The Bird That Devours Men”

The legend of the Piasa. In 1673 French Explorer Jacques Marquette reported that he and fellow French explorer Louis Jolliet discovered a painting of what was probably two “Water Monsters” on the bluffs of the Mississippi River near present day Alton, Illinois. By 1700 those pictographic creatures were no longer visible. In 1836 the novelist John Russell described an image cut into the bluff of a legendary dragon-like creature with wings (See photo below). According to Russell the creature was called a “Piasa, the bird that devours men.” That version of the pictograph as well as myths about the Piasa have become prominent in local folklore.

The Piasa

The Piasa

Interactive Map of Illinois Route 66

We added an interactive map for Illinois Route 66 for The American Digital Backroads Project today. The interactive map contains the a red line depicting the route Highway 66 takes across Illinois and different colored dots representing the cultural icons found along Route 66 in Illinois. If you click on the icon dots you will get a pop-up that includes information and photos of many of the historic locations found alongside historic Route 66. Here is the interactive web-map:

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