Interactive Map of Illinois Route 66

We added an interactive map for Illinois Route 66 for The American Digital Backroads Project today. The interactive map contains the a red line depicting the route Highway 66 takes across Illinois and different colored dots representing the cultural icons found along Route 66 in Illinois. If you click on the icon dots you will get a pop-up that includes information and photos of many of the historic locations found alongside historic Route 66. Here is the interactive web-map:

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1 thought on “Interactive Map of Illinois Route 66

  1. Nickolas A. Cummings

    NAVIGATION NOTE: You can click on any Route 66 State or the East or West Route 66 shields to start your “travels” on the Mother Road in either direction. Pages will open to the particular state you choose, from there you will find an interactive state map. Drive your mouse along Route 66 by clicking on the map anywhere along the Mother Road to go to that area of Route 66. Route 66 is traditionally thought of as a east to west highway, the route from Chicago to LA. This web site is set up like that, as if you were going west on Route 66. But of course you can go anywhere and in any direction your heart desires. Have Fun!

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