Texas Route 66

You can view my map of Texas Route 66 sites below or select “View Larger Map” to go to our ESRI ArcGIS Online hosted web map.

As part of our latest trip west in April 2018 we drove across I-40 in Texas, which replaced Route 66 as the connector for the Texas Panhandle.  We did not get off of the Interstate to explore Route 66 in Texas other than just outside Amarillo to visit the Cadillac Ranch.  Here are our notes from the Cadillac Ranch.

On the western edge of Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch.  It is a Stonehenge of Cadillacs, with part of the car buried in the ground.  Although we went during the school year there were plenty of people there, but most were people traveling along Route 66 to see the sights.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

The scene doesn’t look like much until you walk up close.

Years and years of people visiting Cadillac Ranch have spray painted their welcoming slogans onto the Cadillacs. There is an endless supply of spray paint cans inside each car for you to leave your mark. I don’t like the spray paint, but it is what it is.